Blinding stare

Born in distant space and time
The light perseveres.

We meet at the sandy shore
In a blinding stare.

I capture the scene
and quickly leave.

It moves more slowly
Looking for darkness, finding none.

sun, sun flare, lake, reflection, Prince Albert National Park

The sun found me on the shore of Waskesiu Lake in northern Saskatchewan.

sun, sun flare, lake, reflection, Prince Albert National Park

Ironically, I’m still seeing stars.

Latest Comments

  1. Bill Hayes says:

    Your pictures are fantastic. You add to the archive of life on Earth.


  2. niki says:

    Stunning images!


  3. Sarah Elle Emm says:

    The perfect combination! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  4. caleephotography says:

    Yes!! Looks like star of Betlehem, there’s a painting in a church in my hometown that looks just like it! 🙂 Very nice nice pictures, Lyle!


  5. coast72 says:

    Can just sit and look at this for hours…stunning……and great words to go with it..thank you for sharing


  6. msdulce says:

    I love how the lake in the last picture really does look like the sky lit up at night. Just gorgeous.


  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Super scene, very well captured!


  8. rachel bar says:

    Photo is amazing!


  9. Adeline Berg says:

    Looks like the star of Bethlehem!


  10. lizziejoy10 says:

    Beautiful, Lyle – both words and photos. Thank you. Blessings.


  11. rebecca2000 says:

    Wonderful poetry, stunning photo.


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