outliers, kudos and questions


Evening light in the Rocky Mountains regularly amazes me with scenes like this near Fairmont BC. It brings back fond memories of our trip last year.

I am not entirely sure when I embraced the concept of outlier, all I know is that find normal boring.

I suppose that made it inevitable that I would not strictly follow the proper protocol on blogging awards. And by that I mean that I have decided to launch my very own Krahnpix Kudos. I have chosen six unsuspecting winners who I’m sure will be surprised and confused by this dubious honour.

Dead fish award

When Phil Lanoue Photography isn’t featuring an alligator or two sleeping off a large lunch, he’s showing more fish being unceremoniously swallowed whole than you’ll find anywhere on the web. It’s all a bit gritty and real over at his salt marsh, not to mention fascinating.

Living on the edge award
23thorns makes me laugh out loud one moment about his unusual description about South African life or wildlife and then cringe (while still laughing of course) the next when he chooses his blog to communicate some tricky issue to his wife. Nothing boring about that household – she has her own blog to respond.

Forgot to leave award
Owen Slater Photography regularly waits about 10 times longer than my outer limit to get his photos, or else he just forgets to go home. The result is absolutely amazing wildlife photos that make me question why I’m not living in the Banff area with all its beauty and gorgeous wildlife.

Best complainer award
Adlibb3d manages to complain about all the really big world issues that drive me crazy like waiting and parking. Only when he does it, I end up laughing hard enough to get confused about the problem.

Surprising but true award
When Meanwhile, Melody Muses isn’t streaming real-life poetry, like only she can, she’s regaling me with amusing comments about catching porcupines and bringing them into the house. Sometimes the best part of my blog begins when my writing mercifully ends.

Too nice for this blog award
Mike Powell regularly says nice things about others as he posts photos with interesting stories. Then he wanders over to my blog and writes comments so profound about what I’ve supposedly said that I want to go back and rewrite it. I’m guessing he’s cheering someone up right now.

With the Krahnpix Kudos out of the way, I am honoured that a number of kind and considerate bloggers have nominated me for legitimate awards. Thanks again to the wonderful bloggers behind Lizzie Joy’s Photo Suite,  ALLSORTSOFHOPEFrozen MomentsmypenandmeDear Kitty. Some Blog and The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife – it would be hard to find more complimentary people anywhere. It was hard to respond to them since I wondered if they had mixed up my blog with one that actually did all the wonderful things they described!

If I was following proper protocol, I would be answering prescribed questions that go with each award. However, I thot it would be more interesting if I responded to real questions from blog readers.

If you stay away from questions that are illegal,
immoral or fattening, I will try to answer them.

Please send me questions about this blog, my photos, or me in the form below. If there are enough questions, I will post the questions and my answers in a future blog post. If there aren’t (entirely possible) I will respond to each person privately.

Now that I have given every reader of this blog many excellent reasons to leave and never come back, I think my work for the day is done.

Latest Comments

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Hey Lyle, well I am delighted that you would list me among your featured bloggers and am honored to accept the coveted Dead Fish Award!
    There are so many I need to thank but time here is short and I would not want to leave anyone out. There are a few certain big nose, large toothed indiviuals who I definitely do not wish to offend so they get a special mention but the others know who they are. So again thank you so much for this recognition, I truly appreciate it. 🙂


    • lylekrahn says:

      After that speech it’s entirely possible that you may have misunderstood that there was some money involved! I am always amused by your strange attraction to those big nose individuals, great comments and action photos. Keep up the good work.


  2. owenslaterphotography says:

    Hi Lyle! Thanks for the “Forgot to Leave” award! 🙂 I had a good chuckle over that one! Your photos and stories are great and you’re certainly deserving of all of the recognition. Cheers!


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