Looking for lunch

When it comes to food, there are some striking similarities between wild creatures and male teenagers. Here’s my top three:

They spend their waking hours looking for food …

Sandpiper, Saskatchewan, water,

Good meat is in high demand …

Sandpiper, Saskatchewan, water, eat, dragonfly

And every once in a while they get tricked into having vegetables …

Sandpiper, Saskatchewan, water,

Where did this rather odd comparison come from? I’m blaming it on being rather well fed this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and the full feeling I don’t remember as a teenager.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The good news is that I can also celebrate again in November with the Americans.

Latest Comments

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    Good one! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. melodylowes says:

    Coming from a house with one of those empty teenage boy stomachs, I can RELATE to this post! 🙂


  3. vanbraman says:

    Nice pictures today. I was thinking of your blog yesterday when I had deer posing for me in Yosemite.


    • lylekrahn says:

      It’s nice to be thot of in a great place like that. I really do need to get there one day. I was envious that it like a reasonably quick trip from where you live.


  4. caleephotography says:

    Fun post with beautiful pictures! Happy Thanksgiving, Lyle!


    • lylekrahn says:

      Thanks for sharing the fun. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


      • caleephotography says:

        I wish! I’ve only seen Thanksgiving in American movies, where they eat turkey with stuffing and watch American football on TV. 😉 Is it the same in Canada? Anyway, Enjoy!! 🙂


        • lylekrahn says:

          Yes turkey, stuffing and Canadian football are all part of my Thanksgiving – also trying to focus on being thankful for all we have. The Americans tend to make a bigger deal of their weekend. I checked your blog but didn’t find it – what country are you from?


  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    That is a great setting for these! I particularly like the second photo.


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