You saw what??

I have always been a bit skeptical of constellations.

A good star gazer can creatively connect a few random stars and boldly proclaim he has found some complex creature with an astronomy-sounding name. This is creative licence run amok!

Now I’ll admit it is entirely possible that my bias comes from frustration. No matter how hard I look, I rarely find anything other than a couple of dippers in the nite sky. The same dippers every time isn’t terribly exciting.

But I would like to have some fun with this whole process of creatively finding things. Perhaps I could expand the idea into nature constellations. Clouds might be too easy but how about water and rocks?

A quick look through my photos, and sure enough I found some potential candidates. Perhaps you can tell me if my imagination has also gone off the edge!

Do you see anything other than a mushroom lying on its side in the water? Sliced mushroom perhaps?

It makes sense that the dog is swimming with the current in this photo. I wonder what breed it is?

I look at this photo and I immediately think of a snowman, though it could use some arms and facial features. It certainly looks cold enough standing below the ice.

I can’t quite put my finger on this one. Despite the fact that this glacier below Mount Edith Cavell is likely more than one or two hundred feet tall, it sure looks like some kind of fancy dessert. Any ideas?

The only reason you saw anything at all may be because of the power of suggestion. But I’m pretty sure that’s how most constellations got started.

Latest Comments

  1. Where Is Lori Now says:

    My Dad does the very same thing, usually with rocks and boulders. He’s always pointing out to us the characters he spots! I enjoy that about him, it’s always fun to see what he comes up with. It also reminds me of the game we used to play as kids, and now play as adults with other kids, I Spy in the clouds! Creative captures here. Enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing it with us! –Lori


  2. MikeW says:

    Once again Lyle, pristine stuff. Thanks!


  3. photographybycalliec says:

    A beautiful set of images, the glacier is so stunning and you have captured this so you really have to look at it to really see what it is, well done.
    Cheers callie


  4. caleephotography says:

    LOL! Great pictures! The glacier looks like tiramisu 🙂


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