My photo wanderings this past week were sprinkled with surprises.

When the sun finally emerged mid-week, I was in the back yard trying to find an occupied spider web and got distracted by some interesting leaves. While trying to focus on them, I was surprised to see a ladybug buried deep in the plant – snug as a bug in a delphinium. After taking a mug shot, I left the sleeping ladybug lie …

Buried headfirst into some soft leaves, this ladybug was enjoying a good nap – and making me tired.

Last Friday we headed back home to Lanigan. For the first time in decades of driving that familiar highway I was surprised to spot two animals that looked suspiciously like moose. The happy coincidence was that this was also the first time I had my camera in my lap for that trip.

Unencumbered by any real knowledge, Dori and I decided these were yearling twin moose. Are we right?

I quickly pulled over and started firing away through my open driver side window. As the moose started to walk away, I was surprised to notice my shutter speed was too slow in the declining light! I tweeked my settings and quickly backed up the truck to stay in front of them. I reeled off a few more shots before they turned away and headed up a rise. I made a U-turn as they headed into the field. Fortunately I spotted a gravel road and turned right to see if I could catch another glimpse. This is when I was surprised to discover the image stabilization on my lens somehow was in the off position.

Just then the moose appeared at the top of the ridge. I leaned way over and rested my lens on the open passenger window ledge, aimed and fired off a few more shots. What a great view of these ungainly but beautiful creatures!

When a moose walks, there seems to be joints moving in all directions.

The moose soon left with their awkward gait, leaving behind two surprised but happy viewers.

After all the technical challenges, the final surprise was seeing images in my camera that still resembled moose!

After a satisfied lick, the moose was on its way to parts unknown. I hope we meet again.

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