Where’s the fat?

I thought I understood the relationship between eating and weight gain, butt now I’m not so sure.

Across our country, we continually talk about dieting, compare notes on counting calories and even strongly consider exercising. Despite these herculean efforts, our society is still bigger than ever, prompting yet another round of hand-wringing discussions. A blunt headline this week summed it up well, “Canadians are fatter than they’ll admit: study.”

Wildlife, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have the slightest worry about weight gain. They are generally too busy pushing back large quantities of calories to give it a second thot. I’ve observed many creatures eat like they may never see food again yet I’ve never seen an elk with a beer belly or a hawk with a double chin.

This elk practically inhaled the fresh leaves all around but still looked pretty trim. How does he do it?

Show me a plus-size deer and I’ll show a fawn or two in short order. Now it’s true a bear might get a little chubby or a goose’s feathers might stick out a bit – nothing that a good hibernation or a long flight won’t fix. Before you know it, these same creatures are back spending entire days eating again. Can you imagine if people did that?

It’s all so confusing!

However, after much consideration, I have come to the conclusion we need to learn a simple lesson from wildlife – don’t worry and keep eating.

I think I need to go now. That second dessert is sitting rather heavy so it might be a good time to practice hibernating …

A satisfied chew after a good chow down. Standing in the buffet makes it easier to eat. Click on photo to get a much better view.

Latest Comments

  1. jane tims says:

    I like your approach. ‘don’t worry and keep eating’ is my motto for tomorrow…. Nice photos. Jane


  2. vanbraman says:

    Nice pictures. I may just have desert tonight :-).


  3. rebecca2000 says:

    Very cute post. And wonderful pictures. Life is good! 🙂

    I hope you will take the time to stop by my blog and peek around. #1 Best of Lady or Not is the most fun category to scroll through. Leave a comment if you do!




  4. Faithrises says:

    Lol! Love the pics. And here I thought that you were going to tell us all about how to eat like the animals, and get fit. Instead you’ve encouraged us to just eat and enjoy life! Love it. Thanks, cute post. 🙂


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