Starting with the end in mind

I am continually surprised at how many people want to write a book. Even more surprising is that my friends have actually done it.

While I admire the desire, I can’t recall ever wanting to do it. Perhaps I may have had a passing interest in a photography book, however, it passed when I noted it lacked every one of the essential ingredients.

Nevertheless, while thumbing through my photos, I have regularly stopped at this one.

Sandhill crane, geese, Saskatchewan, combined field, bird, flock

I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I found this busy landing field in fall. They almost needed an air traffic controller with all the Sandhill Cranes and geese coming and going. In spite of all that, it still seems like a peaceful prairie scene … and nobody lost their luggage.

The same thot occurred each time – this is a potential book cover though I could never quite put my finger on the reason. With the easy part completed, I only had to find a topic, make up content, pull it all together, publish it and find some people to buy it. The whole thing would have been surprisingly easy, or not.

What’s next? Maybe I can find some more cover photos or other ideas that won’t turn into New Year’s resolutions. Tis the season.

Latest Comments

  1. dropsintowater says:

    Looking photos like this i feel better and i love nature even more. It’s simply fantastic and you are a great photographer. Best wishes


  2. Kylie says:

    It’s so warm and golden.


  3. Inspired and pretty says:

    This photo is simply amazing and would certainly make a beautiful book cover. You’ve perfectly captured these sandhill cranes and geese, it is really a beautiful photo ! A happy new year to you !


  4. Cornel A. says:

    You know that saying: “I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” Steven Wright
    It seems that you’ve page number + cover.

    Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll write a book. Goodluck!


  5. melodylowes says:

    Your cover is set. Get writing… 🙂


  6. westerner54 says:

    You’ve got a book in you, for sure. Maybe expanding that sandhill crane post into a children’s story? I’d buy it!


  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well that photo is a real beauty! What a crowd. So fortunate you were able to witness and photograph this scene!
    In the past I have made a couple of photo books just to give out to friends and such. I have a sneaking suspicion that no one actually cares though. I’m not sure I even care much about them.


    • lylekrahn says:

      Thanks – it is a great memory of a nice scene.

      You make a good point about the collective caring about them. I went through a phase of making the photo books from Apple for myself but then the phase seemed to end.


  8. Ed says:

    I’m with ya, I have people all the time telling me the same thing but I don’t act on it. Maybe its time to say what the heck. Excellent shot, I live about an hour from the Tennessee Sandhill Crane refuge and each year tens of thousands of them stopp off on their trip back north, its pretty cool if not a bit loud..:-))


  9. Rexlin Victor says:

    Wow, fabulous capture!!!


  10. Mike Powell says:

    Wonderful shot and I think you’re way too modest about doing a book. Your polls show that folks really like your photos and some of your blog postings could serve as mini-essays interspersed throughout the book. You could have an annual edition of “The Greatest Hits,” and maybe then a TV ad. Think of the possibilities–you could become famous!


  11. vanbraman says:

    I always get book ideas, but never follow through. However, blogging has proven a good outlet for my ideas.


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